How Can I Sell my Rental Property with Tenants in it?

Are you looking to sell your rental property in Raleigh Durham NC?

If you are thinking “How do I sell my rental property with tenants in it?”  Click on the video below to discover four ways that you can sell your occupied investment property.

How Can I Sell my Rental Property with Tenants in it? Triangle Real Estate Buyers - 919-883-4385
Video Transcription

Hi. This is Brad Millon of Triangle Real Estate Buyers.

If you’re thinking of selling your rental property in the Triangle, and aren’t sure of the best way to go about it, keep on watching.

I’m going to show you four ways that you can sell your occupied investment property in Raleigh, Durham or another part of the Triangle.

One, you can list it with an agent or realtor, where they can put it on the MLS.

Now, this is the most common way people sell their house.

It’s the biggest audience, but most of the people on there are looking to move into the house, so a lot of people just cross your house off the list since it’s occupied and with tenants.

So, with an agent you’ll end up paying a bunch of fees and commissions, and your tenants probably aren’t going to be very happy with you since you’re disrupting their life by having people come in and view the house and they know they’re going to end up having to move within the next 30 to 45 days.

Number two, you can sell it by yourself.

For Sale by Owner, otherwise known as FSBO.

So by listing yourself, you’ll save all the fees and commissions associated with a realtor, but you’ll likely still have unhappy tenants with the showings and the disruption in their routine.

And then you’re going to be the one getting all the calls and emails and lookie-loos and people that aren’t serious but trying to knock the price down to get your property.

Third, maybe your renters are interested in buying a property.

Maybe they’ve been thinking of moving out, buying their own place, and this way it works for both you and them if they’ve been financially responsible, saved up for a down payment, and have a credit score and job history long enough to qualify for a loan.

The loan market changes daily or weekly on what credit scores can be, job history and what they’re looking for in qualified people. So, this may work but it’s probably unlikely.

Plus, people that have been renting a long time kind of have that renter mentality. They like that people take care of everything for them, they don’t have to fix anything, they just call somebody and the magic happens and the house gets fixed.

And finally, number four. You could sell to a local home-buying company.

Companies like Triangle Real Estate Buyers work with landlords all over the Triangle who are tired of the hassles of dealing with renters and a rental property, and are ready to sell.

Whether the tenants are great, or need to be evicted, it really doesn’t matter to us. We’re happy to work with you to make the home selling process as easy as possible.

We come in, inspect the property once, twice at the most. This way it disturbs your tenant the least amount possible and then we work with them, if they’re good renters, to just keep them in the property and either extend their lease or just use their lease as it already is written.

If your renters need to be evicted, don’t worry about going to the City to do that paperwork.

After we close, we’ll take care of the renters, either by filing an eviction or working with them to get their payments current.

And with the local home-buying companies, you don’t need to fix the house before you sell it. We buy the house “as is” with no fees, no commissions, and best of all we work with you to figure out the best time to close, whether it’s within 10-20 days or if it’s better for you in four to six months, we’ll work with you in your unique situation.

So, if you’re tired of dealing with the hassles of being a landlord and are looking to sell your rental property, you can call me at 919-883-4385 or visit

Again, that number is 919-883-4385 or visit, fill in the information on the website, and we’ll get back to you in 24-48 hours.

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