Should you sell your house to a company that buys houses in the Triangle?

Nobody in their right mind would sell their home to a company that buys houses for cash right?

This video uncovers some common myths of “scammy” real estate investors to show how they can sell home sellers get a great offer on their house in as-is condition and move on with their lives.

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Should you sell your house to a company that buys houses in the Triangle? We can help! 919-883-4385
Video Transcription

Hi, this is Brad Mill0n from and I was on the forum earlier this week reading a post about a person who was thinking about selling their house.

They had quite a bit of repairs that needed to be done. They had actually gone through the trouble of getting some contractors as far as you know, plumbers, siding people, painters to figure how much it would cost to get their house ready to sell it for 2018 top dollar type condition.

And it ended up coming in at like $30 or $40,000. And they thought after that work was done, it would probably be worth in the $350,000 to $360,000 range. But just to see what somebody else that could do rather than doing all that work up front, they thought of contacting a local company that buys houses for cash in Raleigh and Durham and wanted to see what kind of offer they would get.

After they put this online and how much the offer was, everybody was like, “Oh, why waste your money? It’s just they’re slimy scam artists who are just gonna rip you off. What you really should do is you know, do that work yourself and then sell it yourself. That would give you the absolute top dollar pricing and put the most money in your pocket.”

So everybody had the great idea that they should just go and do that work themselves. It wasn’t a big deal.

They never asked them,

  • “Do you actually have the money available to go do that?
  • And how long is it gonna take before you could get those done?
  • And actually, is it gonna be inconvenient in your life to have all these contractors coming through your house for the next couple of weeks to get all this work done?”

You know, in their mind, it was a no brainer. Just go ahead, do the work, get the best possible price.

And I can see their point. If it were me and I had that money available, the way to get the best price for your house would be to do the work yourself and sell it yourself.

It’s just nobody seemed to ask them, “Do you actually have the money available to do the work? And do you have good enough contacts to know who’s not gonna rip you off? And is it actually gonna be convenient for you to have people in and out of your house for the next two to four weeks while all this work is being done? And then having time to do an open house or get all the information needed to list it with a realtor?”

They just thought, yeah, it’s not their money. Go ahead and do all the work. It’s not their time.

So, if you’re looking to get top dollar and have the money to spend on repairs, then go do that.

Don’t worry about calling a local home buying company that could buy your house fairly quickly. Go and do it yourself and sell it yourself.

But if you’re not in their shoe, you know, coming up with that amount of money isn’t just sitting around, then maybe that offer they got was best for them. And everybody’s situation is unique.

That’s why when I talk to sellers, I like to spend some time with them, talk to them about their situation, see if that cash offer will even work for ’em, or if it is better to list with a real estate agent and get the work done themselves.

I even have referred real estate agents to people because their situation called for a real estate agent and a listing, not a local investor.

So if you’re looking to sell your home in the Raleigh Durham area, and you’re looking for a quick sale, you’re trying to move fairly quickly and you don’t want to do any costly repairs and be inconvenienced by contractors, call me today.

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