What to do if you got a code violation letter from Durham NIS or the City of Raleigh

Did you just receive a letter from Durham’s Neighborhood Improvement Services Department or the City of Raleigh about a code violation on your home?

These videos go over some simple ideas of what to do next.

But whatever you do don’t throw it away since if you don’t act your house may end up on the demolition list where you will have to pay the City of Durham or Raleigh to bulldoze your house!!

If the violations are too expensive for you to repair call us today.

Triangle Real Estate Buyers specializes in helping homeowners that need to sell their house fast in Durham and Raleigh NC.

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What to do if you got a code violation letter from Durham NIS or the City of Raleigh
Video Transcription


Did you just get a letter from Durham’s Neighborhood Improvement Services, or maybe the City of Raleigh, telling you had, maybe, too long of grass or, maybe, trash in your yard?

That you need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Let me talk to you about some of the best tips and tricks I’ve found dealing with Durham’s Neighborhood Improvement Services or the City of Raleigh.

I’ll show you, on my computer, my nasty gram that I got for my property where the tenants had a lawnmower break and chose not to get the lawn mowed in a timely manner.

Neighborhood Improvement Services sent a letter to myself and them to remedy that as quickly as possible.

Now, if you got a letter and it’s for something on a much larger scale than high grass or possibly trash, the first thing I would do is call the inspector on the letter and talk with them. They’re very nice people.

They’re flexible in understanding your situation.

You may be able to get an extension from them, but in the end you are going to have to get that fixed. They are nice, but you do need to follow the housing codes of either Durham or Raleigh.

If the scale of the project is pretty high and you aren’t quite sure of how you’re going to be able to pay for everything, Triangle Real Estate Buyers can help.

We are not real estate agents.

We don’t charge fees or commission, and we can buy your house quickly in as-is condition.

We’ll be able to come in, buy your home, take care of those repairs or any other violations on that letter.

It creates a win-win situation, where we can buy that home, relief the stress of possibly having to deal with repairs, have the code violation people breathing down your neck.

They have to come over, inspect what’s done, and check everything out, or possibly, they could put a demolition order on your house.

And you’ll go from either a house you’re living in, or a house you’re renting out with income you need to nothing, if you don’t get those violations taken care of.

Again, if you got that letter, if you can take care of it, do it as quickly as possible.

If you’re going to need some extra time, but you have the money to make the repairs talk to the inspectors.

They deal with this every day. There’s forms that they can give you, but you do need to work on a schedule and show that those repairs are getting crossed off.

You just can’t say, “I’ll get to it in 90 days and everything will be done.”

They do want to see progress being made, but are understanding if it’s quite a big project.

If it is too big a project, or you just don’t have the money to make the repairs, call us now.

Again, you can call or text 919-724-4571.

We can work together to relief this stress, make the repairs, and put some cash in your pocket, so call us today 919-724-4571.

I really look forward to hearing from you.

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